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"Oh, hey Mako…." Korra said sheepishly.
"Have you seen Pabu anywhere?" Mako said making it obvious that he was nervous.
"Nice to see you too." Korra said.
"Why, what happened to him?" Korra asked and tilted her head.
"Um… I kind of lost him." Mako said with anxiety.
"What?! How could you lose him? Oh man, Bolin's going to be so angry-wait he'd be sad-but also angry at you…  He's going to be both sad and angry at you!" Korra exclaimed.
"Well... Bolin told me Pabu and I should make a better bond with each other, so I brought him out to the city and he kept climbing up my body then he kept nibbling on my ears. He wouldn't stop no matter how hard I tried to get him to, so I just threw one simple fireball at him and then he ran off." Mako explained. The way Mako's expression was, made Korra somewhat surprised because she had never seen Mako like this before. He had probably done this when Bolin has run off when they didn't have a home before, but it still surprised Korra.
"Why would you throw a fireball at your brother's ferret!?" Korra said with a voice that was both angry at Mako and full of worry for Pabu.
"I told you he was angering me! Would you like a stupid ferret nibbling at your ear?!" Mako said as Korra grabbed his hand and pulled him in the direction of the ferry. "Where are you taking me?" Mako asked surprised.
"Back to Republic city so we can find Pabu." Korra said.
"How do you expect us to find a small fire ferret in a large city?" Mako protested, "We'll find him somehow." Korra said, "He's not that stupid."
Mako then took the lead by walking in front of Korra and their hands were still connected.
Mako held onto Korra's hand firmly and pretty much dragged her over to the ferry. Even though it wasn't supposed to be taken as a couple's hand-in-hand moment, Korra still blushed at his hand wrapped around her own. She had never expected that Mako's hands were so warm, so soothing. This made her blush even more.

~~Back in Republic City~~

"Alright... So where should we start looking?" Korra asked with a difference in her voice. He was still holding her hand, and when he noticed the difference, he let go.
"Well… I lost him over at the food stand in the edges of the city." Mako said. Korra remembered that place. Naga stuck her head in the back of the stand looking for food, but Korra had no money for it.
"Okay. Let's go look around that area." Korra said waiting for Mako to lead her to the stand. She still didn't know most of the city, since she has only been here for a week or so.
Mako led her through a bunch of twists and turns, nearly losing Korra on every turn. There were hundreds, possible thousands, of people rushing through the streets of the city to get to their next job, errand or whatever other people might do.
"Alright, there's the stand." Mako pointed out, "The only problem is that there are too many people in the way"
"Ugh. You owe me for this." Korra complained.
They went around buildings, going in circles around the stand, and back and forth to every restaurants, stand, or shop just to find one little red tail, head, or any other body limb that looked ferret-like. They had spotted maybe a few red animals and immediately chased after it and found that it was only a simple painted turtle-duck or a fire ferret, but it was obviously not Pabu. Pabu had 8 rings on his tail when this one had 7 rings.
"Where else do you think he his? He's obviously not around here." Korra said. She was exhausted from running everywhere, and looking at every nook and cranny around the stand.
"He could be at the alley Bolin found Pabu in." Mako said.
Bolin had found Pabu running around trash cans looking for food. He lured the ferret in with a few pieces of moldy bread. The last piece was in his hand and the ferret picked it up and nibbled away. The ferret climbed up onto his shoulders and stayed with Bolin ever since that day.
"I don't remember exactly where that alley is. All I know is that a guy selling phonographs, and other record players, is there." Mako said.
"Oh! I know that place! I beat up a few bad guys over there harassing that guy. Then I nearly got arrested for it." Korra exclaimed.
"I won't even ask about that, but okay then. Lead me to it," Mako said with a small, yet visible, smile.
Korra ran down streets she had remembered strolling through with Naga until they heard faint music playing. Once the two had heard the music they dashed toward it, with each note getting louder and louder with each stomp they make.
Korra then turned the little run into a race with no restrictions. Korra earthbended a slab of rock upward to make Mako trip as he simply hopped over it. She snickered when she heard Mako's thud on the ground. With a smirk on Mako's face he used his firebending to make himself go forward faster while he ran. Mako wasn't the only firebender there, so Korra firebended to make her go faster too.
Once she had caught up to Mako, she pulled on his scarf causing him to stop in his place. She had the scarf dangling in the air and kept running. Mako chuckled and ran after her. As Korra ran she put the scarf around her own neck and laughed.
Mako and Korra had been so competitive trying to get to the record player shop that they had completely forgotten about actually getting there. Korra stopped first and looked around. The area had suddenly gotten darker, more suspicious. Most of the buildings have been boarded up and had parts of the building falling off the sides and front. There were only a few people in the streets, all of them with scarves covering about half their faces, hats that covered the top part of their head until only the eyes were nearly visible and black jackets and pants.
"Where are we, Mako?" Korra asked. She was getting worried. Who knows what these people might do to them. What they might force them to do. What they might torture them with.
"We have to get out of here" Mako said forcefully.
"What? Why?"
"Hurry! These part of the city has thugs, too many for us to handle."
"Oh gosh. Which way is the shop?"
"Uh oh."
They ran in the direction they think they came from, but it was only further into the area. Mako and Korra stayed close together, just in case anyone decided to kidnap one of them. Korra had already noticed people that were following them. She grasped the scarf with her left hand since she was too scared to hold Mako's hand for security.
Mako grabbed Korra's hand and pulled her into the other direction. With Korra's free hand she earthbended some rock upward to stop the people from following her.
Korra then realized that her hand was shaking when they stopped for a break. Had she been really this scared? How could she let herself get this afraid of some thugs? She was the Avatar! She took deep breaths and put of her game face and expected the unexpected.
Three thugs popped out of a boarded building simultaneously. Another man came out, but he tripped over some of the wooden boards lying around.
"What are you doing?" The leader of the group yelled, "We're supposed to be intimidating! You're making us look like fools!"
When the man who fell got up, the leader smacked his head. The clumsy thug rubbed his head and got into a fighting position, just as the others men were.
"Give us all your Yuan and there won't be any trouble," The leader of the group said. He had pure black eyes, and gray coat and hat, and he was probably in his mid-30s. He was a firebender, because he had been throwing a fireball up and catching it in the air.
"We have to run," Mako whispered.
"Yup, but how?" Korra asked quietly.
"Earthbend them up and then we'll make a run for it, Mako said.
In response Korra launched the four into the air, causing them to land on top of a creaky, old, wooden building. The weight of them all caused the roof to collapse making them fall 2 stories down.
Korra and Mako ran in the direction of the people running around the city. They were all as small as ants and that let Korra and Mako know they weren't going to get there any time soon.
After they had passed a few buildings they could hear the stomps of their earthbender group-member. He sent a chunk of rock flying towards them, but as soon as Korra noticed it she used her earthbending to make a wall to block the attack.
"What the… Why is she wearing Water Tribe clothes if she's an earthbender?" One of the group-members asked.
"Why does it matter right now?" Another member shouted in response.
The four ran around the wall Korra had made and two of the men combined their firebending to create one large fireball. Korra blocked it out with her own fire and punched more fire in their direction.
The people in the distance gradually got bigger when each second passed. Mako has been so focused on getting to an area where there will be witnesses to confirm the evidence if they ever get attacked by the thugs he nearly forgot the thugs were attacking them.
"What? Is she the Avatar?!" The group leader stopped in his place.
"She is. We stand no chance against them." A man said in response.
The group retreated into a dark alley, out of sight from Mako and Korra.
After a few more minutes of running they can finally hear the faint music. Mako let go of Korra's hand and listened to find the music again. The tune playing stood out from all the other noises going on somehow. This time the two decided not to run after the music.
They took a leisurely walk over to the tune. It was an awkward song for Korra to be listening to with Mako. Each note of the song was so peaceful and soothing; it made Korra blush more and more with each passing second.
They reached the front of the shop and Mako looked for the alley while Korra went inside shops to see if Pabu managed to sneak in. Korra skimmed through most of the shops and Mako looked in every corner of the alleys near the record player shop. Mako lifted up broken boxes, chunks of rock and other things Pabu could fit in. Korra just flipped through clothes, and pots and pans.
After they searched through all possible hiding places Pabu could be in they met back at the front of the shop with no sign of Pabu.
"What-Did you burn him or something?!" Korra asked flustering with frustration.
"Almost. He was a lucky little bastard," Mako muttered, "He could be at the park. Under the bridge used to be mine and Bolin's home."
"Ah, okay," Korra said pulling on Mako's shirt.
"Ugh. We should've brought Naga," Korra complained," She'd be able to find Pabu in like ten seconds flat."
They walked through the city until they saw the park. At the sight of the trees, bushes and lake they dashed toward the entrance. Mako and Korra stayed by Mako's side instead of splitting up.
The sun was going to begin to set, so once Mako noticed that he really began to worry about Pabu. Mako couldn't bear the thought of seeing Bolin is such despair. He grimaced right when he thought of it.
Korra looked around for Gommu so she could ask if he had seen the ferret anywhere. Korra found a rustling bush to find the vagabond picking at leaves.
"Have you seen a ferret- about this size?" Korra said making about a foot in width and a few inches in height.
"I did see them little red thingies scampering around here…" Gommu said looking around Korra for any food she possibly has.
"How long ago was it?" Korra asked noticing that Gommu sighed in disappointment.
"Just about a thirty somethings ago,"
"Thirty whats?" Korra said with a smile on her face.
"Um… Them minute thingies or whatever," Gommu said.
"Oh okay! Thanks for telling me!"
Korra ran over to Mako, who was looking in a few bushes and holes in the ground, and told him that Gommu had seen Pabu running around in the park and it wasn't too long ago. Mako's expression turned from a frown into a wide smile.
Mako looked in trees, branches, holes and bushes, but had no luck finding Bolin's ferret. Mako's smile slowly faded as the time went by. Korra came up back with no sign of Pabu.
"No sight?" Mako asked.
"Nope," Korra stated.
Mako sighed with unhappiness and slumped down by a tree. Korra sat beside him and said it was going to be okay.
"Maybe if we wait here we'll see Pabu running across the park," Korra said, "It's the last thing we can do."
Mako just looked at her with a frown. Korra leaned on his shoulder, with a faint smile on her face. Mako looked at her once again, seeing that the sun's remaining light made her look more beautiful that normal.
The colors of the sky made the moment perfect; the sky was pink, red with dashes of yellow. The cherry blossom petals fell and sweetened the air. Korra's face glowed as the sun went down and Mako couldn't resist.
He grabbed Korra's face and pressed his lips against hers. Korra was surprised at first, but then decided to accept the kiss. They heard a squeak from above, but they ignored it. Mako pulled back as he felt a being crawl onto his shoulder; grasping on his red scarf. Korra was surprised and then put a huge smile on her face.
"Well… Pabu, Pabu… You horrible creature," Mako said with a smirk.
Korra laughed with her blush increased.
"Hey, lets get Pabu back to Bolin, okay?" Korra asked.
The sun set and it made everything dark in their path. Mako held Korra's hand making a glow and the center of their hands.

Pabu ships Makorra.
Who knows where Bolin was. (Maybe with Asami, ahoho)
I have a few grammar fails in here, Ignore them
Who knows what the eff happened at all.
Why did that kiss happen out of no where?
A big thanks to :iconshade-of-anime: for checking over my work and stuffs c: and giving me the idea :D


I don't own Korra, Mako, Pabu, Bolin and the other characters mentioned.
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